Why Are Feminists Mad at Richard Dawkins?

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[Let’s say a strange man hit on you in a hotel elevator late at night. And it was at a conference in a foreign country where you’d just given a lecture on feminism--which the man actually attended. And then you spoke publicly about how the encounter frightened you.

Are you with me?

But then a renowned male scientist made fun of you in the guise of a sarcastic letter to a Muslim woman on a prominent science blog. About what a baby you are. You weren’t touched. He didn’t attack you. Muslim women have it much worse. Blah, blah, blah. Would you be upset? Feel humiliated?

Rebecca Watson found herself in this position after famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins belittled her in a post on Scienceblogs.com. Now Dawkins is under fire, and the affair has set off a storm in the scientific blogosphere. Jen McCreight at Blag Hag gives Dawkins a piece of her mind.--Mona]

She writes:

Words matter. You don't get that because you've never been called a cunt, a faggot, a nigger, a kike. You don't have people constantly explaining that you're subhuman, or have the intellect of an animal. You don't have people saying you shouldn't have rights. You don't have people constantly sexually harassing you. You don't live in fear of rape, knowing that one wrong misinterpretation of a couple words could lead down that road.

Read the full post on Richard Dawson on Blag Hag now.

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