Why are most famous female singers proud to be naked?

A few weeks ago the British singer, Lily Allen uploaded a picture from her US tour to her Instagram account. Not such an exciting thing to report about, but the thing is that the picture she uploaded was of her singing on stage while her right boob was picking from her outfit. The title she gave to the picture was “Whoops” and it got more than 45,000 likes, not talking about the entire media buzz it made. 

Lily allen

Lately famous female singers such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more are taking pictures and performing in an extremely provocative outfits and positions. It’s not only paparazzi photos or embarrassing photos that were taking by random people; it’s also editorial photos, commercial photos and even album covers.

The question is, why does a famous, wealthy, powerful singer choose to show her intimate body parts to sell her music?

 They are addicted to attention

Rock stars and stage people in general can’t breathe without getting attention. It can be applause, people taking pictures of them in the street or even bad publicity, they are just addicted. The oldest trick in the book to get attention is to say something radical or to get naked. Because saying something radical can destroy them, they choose the second and easier option that means to dress provocatively.    

 They are brainwashed

“Professionals” always surround these famous stars that tells them that by taking naked photos they are more powerful and sexier. That way the singer keeps on thinking that this is the right thing to do and she’s not thinking about the negative sides of it.



 They think they have good influence

When the famous singer looks at her naked picture she thinks that it shows positive things about women, such as being a strong woman, to be confident with your body and not think about what other people think of you. In reality what the woman see is that it’s ok to show your body to get rich and famous so it’s totally defeats the purpose. 


I think that in this time when more and more women are being sexually abused female singers need to think twice before they take off their clothes or wear something provocative. They have so much influence on woman and young women in particular so they can’t just do whatever they like. With money and fame comes a lot of responsibility.