Why are profits evil?

Earlier this winter, I was walking through the movie theater at Potomac Yard on my way to church in Alexandria, Va. I happened to glance up and noticed the movie poster for the re-make of Arthur. Can you guess what bothered me?

The tagline, "The world's only lovable billionaire" sends the subconscious message that all billionaires are unlovable and therefore evil. It terrified me to realize that our society now views making money as immoral. When did this happen?

The Atlas Network released a video this week examining the morality of profits.

Why is making money considered wrong now? There's nothing in the Bible the specifies this. As long as you are honest, follow the laws of your particular country, and tithe 10% of your income if you are a Believer, there is absolutely nothing immoral about trying to make a buck.

In America, we want to reap the rewards of free market capitalism while penalizing those who pursue free market capitalism. We can't punish those who take the personal risk and invest the time in business ventures that make them successful, yet expect all Americans to maintain high standards of living. If we punish the producers, everyone suffers.

What's more immoral? Pursuing a profit, or a government that hurts the people with the means to make everyone else's life better?

Image source: Actor Guru

Adrienne works in the communications field and blogs at Cosmopolitan Conservative and Adrienne Loves.