Why are women catty human beings?

I was on the phone with an old friend this morning. In the middle of the conversation the door bell rang. I went to the door and it was the maid. So i told my friend that I would have to call her back the maid was there. I took care of what I needed to do and called her back about 4 hours later. I said I was sorry for taking so long to call her back. She pops off with "it must be nice to have it like that" I was like HUH? She goes on to inform me that I need to be more sensitive to other people's feelings then went on to talk shit about how since I pretty much work from home 50% of the time that I should be cleaning and not having others do it for me. I was like wow where did THAT come from? I guess she forgets that part of working from home is that you're WORKING. She goes on about how SHE works everyday too and doesnt have a maid. I told her that's a personal choice she made. We talk for awhile then she says "you also shop too much" out of no where. I was like yeah that's part of my job what's your point? Maybe she was just having a bad day but UGH. When she was able to have a healthy baby I was right there to support and cheer her on when in all honesty I wanted to curl up in bed and just cry. When they got their first house I was right throwing the house warming party. I am happy for her whenever something good happens in her life and she turns around and acts an ass bc I shop a lot (i admit it) and bc we have a housekeeper? WTF?