Why Are You Making Me Talk on the Phone When We Can Text?!


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I have a very close friend whom I adore. We text all the time but sometimes in the middle of texting, she calls me. I totally get it. I can only type so much, too! But the problem is -- my friend can be a bit long-winded. Okay, a lot! This is fine when we are out for a girls' night, but when I'm running kids to activities, dealing with my toddler, etc., I don't have time for one of these long conversations. But I feel bad letting it go to voice mail when we were just texting. What should I do?!!


Texting Teresa

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Dear Texting Teresa,

Oh, this has totally happened to me, too! There you are, enjoying a perfect texting moment, and the person has the audacity to call you. It's so animal. Listen, if you wanted to have a phone conversation, you would have called your friend in 1989 when there were no other options.

Of course, there is a time and place for a proper phone call, but it is not while you are knee-deep in children and errands. Although the other day, my children were so whiny and insufferable, I had to call a friend to recenter myself before I lost my last shred of parental sanity. But in general, I also find texting a much easier form of communication when I'm doing a lot of family multi-tasking.

You have a couple of options when a friend breaks the sacred code of texting and actually rings you up. Let it go to voice mail and then send her a quick text that you are swamped but will call her later when those children are tucked into bed. Or you can pick up the phone and say, "Elizabeth!! So wonderful to hear your voice. I am holding a dog leash in one hand, my daughter's homework in the other, and I'm coaching my kid's field hockey game -- can I call you back in a bit?" If she's a real friend, she won't mind and maybe will come out and walk that dog for you.

Good luck! And remember, friends don't force friends to talk on the phone.

Kelcey, TMH


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