Why are you undecided?

I'm undecided.

My husband said to me this morning that he can't believe how many people are still undecided about who to vote for in the upcoming elections in Canada and the United States. If I was in the United States, I would have no problem making up my mind. The choices are, in my mind, polar opposites and one is in line with my view of the world and the other is not. 

Here in Canada, I have 5 major parties to choose from. And as an article in this morning's Ottawa Citizen confirmed for me, 4 of those parties are pretty close to each other. And of those 4, I've narrowed down my choice to 2 parties, but I'm still waiting out the rest of the campaign before I make my decision. Ultimately, it comes down to deciding among the parties that are aligned with my values, which one I think has the best plan for our country. 

But I do wonder what makes other people undecided? Is it because some of their beliefs are aligned with one party and some with another (e.g. against the war, but pro-life)? If so, what are the sticking issues and what will it take to make up your mind? Or are you undecided because you haven't decided where you stand on the issues yet? If so, what are you planning to do to get up to speed on those issues and make a decision? Or are you basing your decision on the personality or leadership qualities of the individual more so than their policies? If so, are you watching to see who escapes the campaign most unscathed? 

I'm curious to hear from undecided voters in the United States and in Canada. What will it take to get your vote? How will you decide? 




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