Why Aren't Crib Deaths Front Page News?

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This week in my Facebook feed I have seen the same The Stir on Cafemom article pop up a number of times. The first couple of times I ignored it but the more it was published the more it ate at me.

Let me start out by saying I am 100% a safe sleep advocate. I am also a co-sleeping mother. We have had three children successfully co-sleep safely with us. Co-sleeper, bed-sharing… you name it and we did it.

We followed all the safe co-sleeping practices and ta-da… we are all healthy and happy.

But every couple months it seems like tragedies centered around unsafe co-sleeping ends up on the front page of all the parenting websites with these huge warnings about how dangerous co-sleeping is and how the safest place for your baby is a crib.

And this is where I am going to pull my little soap box out.

I am going to start out by making a couple statements that I of course do not have statistics to back up, but I am sure if there are people more into this topic out there, they could find some information to back it up.

First – With the risk of SIDS in the first months of life, the crib is not the safest place for your baby.

Second – I am willing to bet MORE infants have died from sleeping in cribs, suffocating on fluffy crib bumpers or getting caught in those death trap drop side cribs, heads getting stuck through the bars back in the day… the list goes on. It is no secret babies die in cribs all the time. The difference is it doesn’t make front page news.

But why?

Why are these equally as tragic deaths not being thrown into the mainstream media? I will tell you why!

Because of big business. Crib companies, bedding companies, crib bumper companies… they are all big money. If the news was out how many babies actually die annually in incidents surrounding cribs or their product, they would be going out of business.

Another speculation I have is the people reporting the news. In my best sarcastic tone Don’t you know… only those dirty old hippies and the poor let their babies sleep with them! So lets go on a economic and class based tirade against these classes to show how dangerous they are as parents.  Right?

The fact is… the news should start reporting about the crib deaths. I hate to be morbid talking so much about death, but the public should know, instead of just frying poor Susie Lou in Kansas City across National parenting news because she shouldn’t have been co-sleeping, or made a huge co-sleeping mistake.

It isn’t just the co-sleeping parents ending up with these horrible tragedies.

SIDS is real, bet your ass it is.

But how many deaths are ruled SIDS when the baby had a stuffed animal in their crib that shouldn’t have been there? Or what about the baby that is put to sleep with a big fluffy blanket that accidentally suffocates them and then the death is ruled SIDS.

Don’t you think there would be better research on SIDS if these crib deaths weren’t just lumped into the category.

I am going to put my soap box away. I am just sick of the co-sleeping parents being thrown under the bus all the damn time.

End of vent!

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