Why Blog?

Last November I started blogging regularly, mostly about my health issues. I'd been suffering with Post-Viral Syndrome, as well as pre-existing conditions. I had reached a breaking point and I needed to vent.


My desire to document my struggles in the present and in childhood probably stemmed from confusion and jadedness. For the first time in years, I wanted to know: why me? Optimistic, Happy Ashley was gone. I love to write and I thought writing publicly about everything would help me get her back. I also thought a public blog would help to connect me with other people who've grown up with health and disability issues. I was afraid my blog would just come off as a quest for sympathy. No. It's much more than that. I am upset with myself for being so insecure about everything.


Writing nurtures my introspection. It's cathartic. Thank goodness for public forums like this that satisfy my needs as a writer and a person.



I blog about my health and disability issues regularly at http://loveablehomebody.blogspot.com/

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