Why BlogHer '08 is Different that Search Conferences

Being a search marketer, I was a bit taken aback by one marketer who basically "slammed" the BlogHer Conference. Lisa Barone, of Bruce Clay who also attened BlogHer '08, wrote a great post countering this negative posting by a male blogger.

I felt that people in the search industry needed to also understand that this wasn't a SEARCH conference in any way, and it was completely different.

Here's a piece from that blog post:

Why is BlogHer different? Well first, it's not a search centric or
search focused conference, not in any way shape or form, it's about
Blogging & Community. Therefore, it's not setup like the type of
conferences we are all use to in the search industry. You know, the
type of sessions where there is a moderator to introduce panel members,
the audience is basically forced to sit in the audience and watch
powerpoint presentation after powerpoint presentation on how great some
company is. After all that's said and done, THEN the audience gets to
ask questions and the panel members answer.


If you'd like to read further, read Why BlogHer Was Different Than Other Search Conferences




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