Why Bravo Can't Cancel The Housewives Of New Jersey


My name is Lisa and I am a Rogue-Intellectual

(this is a term, look it up)

who admits to watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I love/hate/am disgusted by the program and will believe to my dying day (of hitherto unrecorded extreme old age) it was invented just for me to watch while on the treadmill.

It’s wonderful trashy treadmill TV viewing.

But horrors!  Recently I have heard rumors two of The Real Housewives “stars” Teresa (I just want everyone to be happy) & Joe (I’m a hard ass and don’t care what anyone thinks) Giudice have been indited by the federal government on something like thirty-nine instances of fraudulent tax forms and other ominous, scary sounding legal stuff.

This folks is serious crap.

Chit chat around the office cooler claims the couple could go to prison forfifty years, and Joe (who evidently is not an American citizen) could be deported.

{N.B.  Before hearing all this I was unaware Joe wasn’t an American citizen.  I assume he is Italian as on the program they make a quite a point of being Italian.}

Does this mean if Teresa goes to jail Joe just gets has to go back to Italy?

Well that hardly seems fair….

Imagine Teresa doing hard labor wearing prison garb, sans hair extensions, and nails; no makeup, no makeup artist, no spray tan. Forced to eat white fluff bread and canned Chef Boyardee spaghetti in between hours of mind numbing nail splitting chores such as breaking up rocks with a pickax or stamping out license plates.

Meanwhile, Joe’s sittin’ pretty beneath an olive tree in his villa’s courtyard, sipping vino, munching on artisan bread, homemade pasta, and huge platters of lovely fresh fruits (all prepared by someone else) for the rest of his life till he finally does a Michael Corleone and keels over offa his rickety chair one day and dies?

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