Why Can't I Be A Philosopher?

This is my first blog, I have came to realize most people do not like to talk about the things I like to talk about, so hopefully now I have an invisible audience who will care about what I have to say. Most people spend the day complaining about work, kids, significant others, and sometimes touch on the current news topics for the day. Then there is me, a person lost in this world trying to figure out the meanings and purposes behind life.

My big question of the day is, Why can't I be a philosopher? If questions are abundant and answers are scarce, it would seem to me that being a Philosopher would be a perfect job. Oh wait, that's where it all started! The question that made me change my major to Sociology, "Why are you going to school for Philosophy, what kind of job are you gonna get with a degree in Philosophy?” Which leaves in the position I am in today. So I decided I do not need a degree in Philosophy, like Descartes I only need to use my mind and logic. Starting today I am going to post a blog everyday on questions that matter. I want to explore the big picture, the key is always knowing that you can ask why to every answer, which is truthfully why I love thinking as much as I do. There was no greater gift given to humankind then the ability to think that we so blatantly waste. Being uninformed and unaware has become some sign of coolness. Now, I want to change all that and get people thinking!


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