Why Can't We all Get the Jobs We Like!

''Find a Job You Like/Love and You'll Never work a Day In Your Life''

I have heard this saying over and over in my life. For starters it is a very simple saying and I would say it is attainable for most people if Real Life did not get in our way. I have had so many jobs in my lifetime (at 50 I have seen a good bit of life) but to date I can truly not say that I have found a job that I really Love.

I've been a Pauper, a Pirate. . . . .
And the song goes on, yes I have (well it feels like I have had) 101 different jobs in my short time on this planet. And out of all the jobs that I have done, most if not all of them have been out of necessity. And when I say out of necessity I mean, I have had to do them to make a living, you know pay bills, raise kids, pay mortgages and the list goes on. Unlike a lot of people out there I don't have a bad life. I have a relatively comfortable lifestyle and I am appreciateive for that. I understand that there are lots of people who are worse off than me. But don't you ever feel that you would like to accomplish something with your life, leave a legacy, yeah! But then you might think what kind of thing would I like to achieve and what legacy would I like to leave.

How can a hobby Change Your Life?
You see up to 20 years ago, as explained earlier I worked in lots of different jobs, even up to some years back. I can remember about 25 years ago thinking, I would like to work in the acting/showbusiness profession. So after my firstborn I decided that I would give it a go. You see all my life I have been in and out of some sort of entertainment. Whether it was running local shows and drama groups or just enjoying making my friends and girls (especially girls) laugh when I was younger and out socialising. So as I said earlier I got into acting and after doing a few plays and some drama school I got a small part in a movie (not the most successful) with Hugh Grant back in the early '90s that was being shot in Dublin, Ireland. But like most things in this acting business here in Ireland, you could not raise a family and pay the bill on the income of an actor and I was forced back to the normal grind of day work to keep the coffers full.

Recession. . . .What Recession?
Well about 4 years ago the recession came to visit us here in The Emerald Isle and like the British before it, it seems to want to stay for 800 years too. So I found myself out of work and wondering what to do next. I was advised to keep my mental health - healthy. If that makes sense to you. So I pondered what can I do. . . . . hmmmmmm! Then it came to me (without much thought) I will return to acting. I joined and amateur group close to my area and I have been acting ever since. Now just to clear up one thing I have not been getting much paid work but my hobby of acting has been keeping me going in short films, some TV work, T.V. Commercials, Stand Up Comedy and Lots of Theatre. It is something that I am enjoying very much thank you. . . .but still there is the issue of no income?

So What Next!
Well I have completed a course in Website Design and Development (another string to that ever expanding bow) and I have created my own website in the hope that some great Casting Director will look at my meagre bits on my showreel (which can be seen at Vincent Browning.com) and may like some Fairy Godmother turn my hobby into something that I can do as a living for the rest of my days. That would be nice wouln't it . . .Yes it would! Oh well as my good Mother use to say ''You may as well dream here as in Bed'' or ''It Costs Nothing to Dream''. . . . well Mam if you are listening I am not so sure the second one of those sayings will last much longer the way the economy is going in this country and the way the Government is trying to tax us to death! Because they will soon be charing us to dream.

And to Finish . . . . .
So if anybody out there knows of a Casting Director who might be looking for a middle aged Actor who can play the part of a 42-55 year old Caucasian. Would you notify them of my website. - Then I might find that Job where I will never have to work a day in my life. Don't know if this is allowed but you can visit my website if you wish. http://www.vincentbrowning.com

End -- -


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