Why Did I Have Kids?

When they say “I love you” it’s as if you’ve just won the lottery, every single time.

They give great big hugs and kisses that leave your mouth wet and your heart full.

It’s the only way to truly understand the concept of unconditional love.

Watching them grow and develop is actually incredibly interesting and satisfying.

For every time it seems that they don’t listen, they suddenly do something that shows you they were listening every time.

Their tiniest of accomplishments makes you want to celebrate and jump for joy in a way you never would for yourself.

You feel lucky just to be in the same room with them, just to have the special gift of being their mom or dad.

Despite the fact that you might be tired and frustrated and just want to be done with them for the day; the fact that they want only you, that in their world you’re the only thing that they can consider to help them, is wonderfully fulfilling.

Should I go on? Because I can.


The decision to bring a baby into this world is not one to be taken lightly.  It is life altering in a way that can only be felt once that baby is born.  For those who understand themselves and recognize that it is not right for them, all I can say is please go to sleep at 8PM for me at least once a week, book a vacation at the last minute, meet your significant other at 11PM for dinner, stay in bed all day one Saturday, learn a new hobby, spend some money on something special just for you, climb the career ladder, be free and at times carefree… just because you can.  For those who dive in head first, have children, and then wonder how they got there, keep in mind the many small (yes, sometimes microscopic) moments that fill each day, that keep us going, that show us that parenthood, that damned double edged sword, was the right choice for us.


The kids

The kids



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