Why Do I Blog?

Once again, I've been absent from this space. I was on a roll for a while, and my last post had the potential to set me on a tear of other heartfelt posts, but instead, I found myself wondering:

Who am I writing for? Why am I writing at all? Or more to the point, why am I sharing so much? And conversely, as there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes around here that would make really good content, why am I not sharing more? Which leads me to question why am I not writing more?

Rinse, repeat. It's a circular thought process with questions I don't really have an answer to.

As a society we share so much with people we don't see. With people, in some cases, that we don't even know. In the name of art, or an outlet, or boredom. And about two weeks ago, in the world of Instagram, I saw a self-portrait of a young teen that looked vaguely and innocently suggestive, with hundreds of thousands of likes. And I began to wonder – who are the people “liking” this photo and “following” this kid? I'm sure some are legitimate friends. I'm sure most aren't. Do his parents know he's posting shirtless pictures of himself to a quarter of a million people? If so, what do they tell him to help keep him safe? If not, well, yikes.

Around the same time, one of my Facebook friends asked the often debated question of whether we use social media to be more social or more narcissistic. There's been much talk about whether it should actually be called anti-social media, with the easy out it offers us from actually physically interacting with one another. For sure, all social networks are enormously helpful at keeping us connected with people we otherwise wouldn't be. And as a SAHM, I get and sometimes personify the notion that networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are one of the few connections to the outside world. But there are times I really should use the phone to actually call and talk to my friends – and not just text.


Anyone else feel the same way about blogging? The opposite? Click here to keep reading and comment!


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