Why do I even have Voice Mail?


I am pretty organized.

I have excel spreadsheets for my bills, and have them open when I pay bills to stay organized.  I have a weekly calendar for our vacation so we can keep up with who wants to do what when so we don't overlap activities.  I have a weekly menu posted on a white board in my laundry room (along with the boys' chore chart) so we all know what is on the dinner menu every day.  I have file folders with taxes, and medical receipts, and recipes, and blog stuff.

I try to stay organized.  But there is one place where I completely fail.

Voice mail.


I have not listened to my voice mail in two weeks.  I hope there is nothing urgent on there.  I am going to have to break down and listen to it today.

I don't even know why I don't listen to it.  I look at the phone, see that there is a voice mail, and think, "well, I can't listen to them right now, I will in a little while."  Then I don't and I feel bad because I haven't and a vicious cycle ensues.

In my defense, my voice mail message DOES say that I rarely listen to my voice mail, so if you really want to reach me you need to text me.

Maybe I should just change my voice mail to say that I only listen to my voice mail once every two weeks and hand out my house phone number.

Bluebell is really good about listening to the answering machine.

Am I the only one?  Are there more people like me out there?  Please help me feel better about my voice mail apathy!!

This is my life.  **headdesk**
This is my life.


Carol Rood

 Coffee, Clutter and Chaos

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