Why do we forget to thank the people we love the most?

Why do we seem to overlook the feelings of people who mean the most to us? Those who deserve the appreciation but rarely receive it. I watched a video this morning and it got me thinking. Why do we tend to forget the ones we love most?

Honestly, we just do. In our minds we figure the ones we love the most will always be there; our moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts & uncles, best friends, girlfriends/boyfriends etc. But, that’s the thing, they won’t always be here. Life is unpredictable and if you lose someone suddenly, you don’t get the chance to tell them how much you appreciate and love them.

How many times have you forgotten to say a simple, Thank you, to someone who deserved it? Throughout the duration of my childhood I rarely thanked my parents for making me dinner, doing my laundry, etc. Looking back, I can still see my mother working 10-12 hour days and coming home to make my lunch/dinner. But, I never really appreciated it or took the time to thank her.

Think about when you go to someone else’s home. You spend time with their family and they rave about you to your parents. If you think about it, the reason the family loves you is because you are polite, thankful and willing to pitch in. At home, you might not be so willing. Every family is different, along with every situation, but everyone can agree that there has been a time in your life where you haven’t expressed, or even noticed the kindness other people are showing you.

So, I am going to take this time to thank some really important people in my life. People who deserve the long-awaited shout out (and not on Z100) . Maybe you all should think about doing the same, there’s no time like the present.


First, I have to start off by saying there is NOTHING that compares to a hug from your mom. So, mom I would first like to thank you for giving me the BEST hugs and for forever comforting me in those arms. I would also like to thank you for being an inspiration. Not only to me, but to everyone who is lucky enough to know you. Not only have you built a beautiful life for yourself, but you spend every day working towards bettering the lives of women and children; your selfless acts have made me want to be a better person.

Now, I want to take it back to the beginning of time (well, my life). Thank you for bringing me into this world (I can only imagine how painful that was). Thank you for dealing with the sleepless nights. Thank you for teaching me to be kind to others, to treat people with respect and to always make sure I am setting the right example. Thank you for singing me songs, playing with my hair and rubbing my back EVERY NIGHT before bed, and for always staying those 5 extra minutes even when your arm wanted to fall off. Thank you for having dance parties with me every time Winnie the Pooh came on the TV, and for listening to every Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie for hours in the car.

Thank you for always taking the time to teach me how to be a good person. You always taught me to treat others with respect, and that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Thank you for supporting me. For attending my horse shows, field hockey games, dance team and cheerleading performances. Your support has always made me feel as though I can accomplish anything. You make me believe in myself.

Thank you for always accepting all of my friends and always making sure the cabinets were stocked with every kind of processed snack for when people would come over.


Thank you for being there. For drying my tears, giving me advice and being someone to laugh with till our stomachs hurt. You have put so much time and effort into molding me into who I am today. You have spent 24 years of your life caring for me, and I want you to know that I have noticed all of your hard work. I know your heart hurts for me with the loss of Dad; thank you for helping me mend my broken heart. Thank you for answering my calls late at night, and for bringing light into my life. I can’t thank you enough for being the best mom, my mom. I love you.

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