Why do women tear eachother down?

Why do we tend to tear one another down instead of helping, encouraging and loving eachother? (While not EVERY woman displays this type of behavior) Still come on we are all guilty of it in some form or another! Participating in the office gossip about you know who...Telling a secret to a mutual friend that your girlfriend shared with you...Coveting a size 4 body and beautiful husband...Giving a woman a dirty look at a club or the mall. And it's not just grown women but young women are becoming more and more ruthless against eachother.

We all saw the taped cheerleader fight on you tube, and what about the mom who drove her daughter to the park to fight another female student, and then slapped the student in the face when her daughter began to lose the fight! So where does this come from? In elementary school girls picked on me all the time. In junior high and high school I was the subject of so many false rumors I fell into a depression. What makes us participate in such behavior?

Girls, practically from the time of birth are taught to be "nice" to everyone. I was always taught to be kind, don't say anything about anyone else you would not want said about yourself. Why then did I participate in gossip when I had been the subject of so many rumors? Recently my good friends little sister came into town, she is 17 and was upset that her boyfriend cheated on her with her friend. She then began to tell the story of this so called friend who was considered the school "slut", and has already been in many fights with girls at school. She also explained to me that she was going to fight her because she slept with her boyfriend! I immediately began to interject my two cents telling her to rise above the drama because this will not mean anything to her in a few years.

Stories like this are so common in college, high school, and junior high. Now girls are using the internet to attack one another as well. Posting rumors and blogs to bring there "enemy" down. My last boss (who was a woman) would pull each one of us girls into her office and ask us to watch one another and report everything we did to her. She would also tell each one of us that we were the best worker, so much better then such and such. This literally pitted us against eachother and jealousy and gossip was what went on in that office all day. Women and girls are not sticking together like our feminist teachers taught us to do! This type of pety behavior has to stop. So how do we do it? I know it is possible because I have girlfriends that I love and so do all of us. Any suggestions? 


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