Why Do You Tweet

There's been some thought provoking and sometimes hairy discussions lighting up the feed readers over twitter and acceptable uses in reference to sponsored tweets, hashtags, twitter parties, promotion, spam, etc.  Some of them had some of them had some valid concerns while others I strongly disagreed with...


However, I love how even if you don't agree wholeheartedly with a post there's still things to glean from it, and odds are fired up or not it will get you thinking.  Today I started thinking about why I tweet. 


Sure, I tweet to promote a blog post of my own most days, I tweet silly things that my quad boys have said or done through the day just as a memory keeper, I write pointless jargon.  However, I'd like to think that I'm more about others than my own selfish ambitions (or I'm at least striving to) on twitter by creating conversations, interacting with my followers/readers, building/strengthening friendships, promoting causes that are close to my heart, etc...


So how about YOU?  Why do you tweet?



Jen, aka QuatroMama

Mama 2 Quadruplets



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