Why Does It All Come Down to Football?

I know what you guys are thinking. Here's another woman complaining about losing her significant other to football. NOPE. I love football. When I first met my ex-fiance, who shall now be referred to as "Jex," He told me I'd be a football widow when UT played. I said no way, buddy, I'll be going with you, even if I went to Tech. Now, I never was interested in Tech and didn't even like the school much. Changing to a more interesting team seemed like a good idea. It was. I got so into it I was more Longhorn than Jex. Last game, I think I teared up a bit because it was ending. I couldn't wait for the next season and the drama to continue. Then we broke up...badly. And here I am at game day.

First of all, I had to call 6 Buffalo Wild Wings to find one that had Vios and was playing the game. I can't go to the one closest to my house because that is "his" BWW. Now I'm second guessing about dragging my UT grad dad (boyfriend is out of town and is a UT grad) to BFE to watch the game with me.

Now, here's the hard part: I fell in love with UT, but how much of that had to do with Jex, I don't know. I do know I wish that I had gone to UT instead of Tech, that way I can be liget. But a lot of people switch teams. I was so excited. Now I'm just confused. If I don't go, I'll be letting him (still) control me. If I go and I found out it was all about him and the booze...I stopped drinking when we broke up...then I'll be pissed that it was just another way I lost myself for him. But, if  I go, and if I still love it, then, well then I'll know that it was me and not Jex who was in control.


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