Couple of  nights back , one of my good friends in my class ; my male friend called me up . We were just having some general discussions about college , work , and future . And I spoke to him a little worried about being financially low for doing my Masters in France . Well , I have to say , it is my dream to make it to France one day , to do my Masters , and get settled there with a really good job . But now I'm forced to postpone my plan for 6 months because of not being stable enough financially .

I am so damn confident that I would make it to France one day , but I was telling my friend  how hard it is and how confused I am about what I'm gonna do next .  And then he sad something , something that I will never ever forget in this lifetime . He said , " Why are you worried ?? You are not a man . You don't have to worried about such things , anyway you are gonna get married and stay at your house happily . You don't have to be worried about your future or your studies ." And by reading what he said me through call ,you people could get an idea on how badly I would yelled at him that evening . 

That is literally the most cheapest thing anyone has ever said to me , and to be honest that is the most cheapest thing any guy could ever tell a girl . After I shouted at him badly , at first I was thinking just from my point of view . I was thinking , I have goals , I have dreams , I work for my dreams to come true every single day , and I will definitely achieve more than anything that stupid , dumb guy would ever achieve . But then slowly something began to dawn on me , there are still guys like him in this world who still see young girls , women as something less .  I shouted at him so badly that he finally learned a lesson from me . But what about other girls , and women who are still being degraded by men all around the world as something less ?? 

Whoever is reading this , young girls , and women , please please know that we are more greater than we ever ealize .We are the ones who run this world , and we are , as in every individual female , more important in this world . If somebody is treating you cheap , if somebody is keeping you low , if somebody fails their chnace to see the greatness in you , for God's sake please walk out of them . That doesn't make you a rude person , it just means you are way more worth it and you don't deserve to be treated like shit . We definitely don't need people who don't need us , and who is not aware about how we shoud be treated as a woman .  

To all the women in the world , have great dreams , if ut gets hard then fight for it , and live your greatest life ever . Fight , fight and fight .