Why Facebook is Your New Home Page

Facebook is pretty plain-looking compared to most blogs and other participatory social media sites like Twitter and MySpace.  There aren't many simple ways to customize a page, therefore, everyone's page looks pretty much the same.  But, for some reason, it appears that design doesn't matter much considering recent news and statistics surrounding Facebook.  

  • Facebook currently has 500 million active users (71% of Americans are on Facebook - Mashable)
  • Goldman Sachs offered Facebook stock to private wealthy clients leading to rumors of an upcoming IPO
  • Mark Zuckerberg visits China (70% of Facebook users reside outside the U.S.) - Mashable
  • The Web Globalization Report ranks Facebook as the best global website on the planet.  

So, if everyone's on Facebook, why do any of us even bother with websites and blogs?  Of course, Facebook is a great place to capture viewers and send them to a website to view articles, etc.  But considering the enormous amount of people on Facebook compared to the average website, perhaps we should start thinking about a Facebook page as a home page. If we spend more resources capturing and engaging viewers through Facebook and less time fussing over background colors on websites, we'll have more time interacting with our viewers, customers, and fans.  Absolut Vodka seems to be doing just that.  Notice the Absolut Vodka poster sports a Facebook URL, not a website URL.

Absolut Brooklyn



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