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vegetable gardenOften people think that they should garden, and they should. It's one of the best feelings someone can have. When you see your little sprouts come up, and eventually turn into full fledged plants. The food that you grow in your garden will taste better then any food that you have ever bought at a store. There are so many benefits to growing your own food, it would be hard to list them all here.

Why I garden. When I was little, my family had a garden. My Dad still takes care of it. I remember though going out to weed the garden. The dry summer dirt between my toes and under my fingernails. I did not like to get dirty when I was little. I wasn't afraid of it, but it was different when I didn't want to get dirty. I didn't like bending over or duck walking through the garden. I sure didn't like those days that is for sure. When dinner time came around, then it was different.  Oh the carrots, and the tomatoes, and corn. It was all so good. There is so much more benefits then there are downsides to gardening.

It's Work. Gardening is a lot of work. If you have a system the work goes by very easy. Starting a garden however is tough. You have to prepare you land, pick your seeds. Plant your seeds, and hope that birds won't uncover them. This is really the easy part. The hard part comes with the weeds and water. Every day or every other day, you have to check for weeds. Depending on the plant and the climate, you have to water everyday. Now with so many people have a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to set time aside to water and weed. After a long day at work, most people don't want to come home to do that.

I'm guilty too. I will admit that when this past year became busy for myself I asked my wife to water the plants. Some of our plants were under watered, and some were over watered. In the end we had some tomatoes that were too small, and some nice peppers, some char that was amazing, and a few other vegetables. The benefits we got though was worth the work that my wife and I put in.

The Take away. All the dirt, and the work, and some veggies you get along the way. The takeaway is this. Start with a plan for a garden. Plans are great. Try to stick to them the best you can. Often times, our lives get in the way. Everyone forgets to water their garden from time to time. It happens, make sure you don't beat yourself up, and continue on when and where you can. Keep at it, and the benefits will be wonderful. Keep in touch and check back often, I'll have many tips to help keep you on track with your garden, and have a great success. Thank you for reading! Garrett

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