Why this Geeky Mom may wait to buy the iPad



It's easy to fall in love with an iPad. It was love at first sight for me, the Geeky Mom. Admittedly, we have one of those awkward long distance relationships. I am hoping the two of us will get closer, but for now I adore my iPad from afar. The only problem with my tablet affair is that I keep noticing flaws.



iPad Cons: 


--No flash. Flash is the Adobe software plugin that handles video and animation on the web. So this means no Hulu and other web video sites do not work. (If you looked closely you would see that even the NYT app that was hyped in the intro was missing the Flash plugin icon.) This omission is not a complete disaster because alternatives are available in other browsers for video streaming including YouTube and Vimeo which use H.264 for video streaming. 

--No multitasking. The iPad is supposed to be better than a laptop or a smart phone at browsing the web, reading and writing email, watching movies, reading a book, and listening to music. BUT the iPad can only do one thing at a time. Multitasking is a big energy hog and by leaving this out of the iPad, the iPad has a super long battery life--10 hours.

--No textbooks. Yet. The iPad has an iBooks feature that makes reading digital books just like reading paper books. However, the intro to the iPad did not mention a partnership with textbook publishers. The good news is that it does offer a full-color Kindle-killer app for many other books.

--No cameras (No still camera, video cam, or webcam). Although I can't imagine using a device this size as a general use camera, I would have liked a front facing camera for web conferencing, etc. Geeky moms probably know more about gaming apps than they wish to admit, but they also know about talking on the laptop using Skype webcam calls. Moms love to see amazing connections built when kids video chat with Gramma and Grampa hundreds of miles away. And how would moms away from home on a business trip survive without video chats with their kids?

--No TV subscriptions (and no way to hook up to HD monitor via HDMI). I was hoping I could subscribe to TV programming just like a subscribing to print media. Didn't hear anyone at Apple mention this at the intro. Rumor has it that Disney will be a key player in TV and film distribution.

--No USB port. The good news is there is a way to work around this via the dock connector including the camera connection kit for photos.

--No GPS on Wi-Fi models. 3G iPads come with assisted GPS.


Chris Olson writes the blog MomathonBlog.com and is a freelance writer and illustrator. She also answers to the names of chief dog walker, grocery hauler, and "the one with the keys to the car."


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