Why Good Grades Don't Matter as Much as You Think

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When I went to school, it was all about getting good grades. I complied. I graduated at the top of everything. Yet, when I entered the work world, very little of that mattered. A career is a whole different ball of wax that standard education doesn't really prepare you for. Christine of The Dirty 30s has a really fascinating take on why good grades aren't everything. She says,

One of the problems with standardized education is that it for the most part, you’re all right as long as you get good grades. So a lot of students start thinking that that’s the way career is.

But career is an entirely different animal. The part of the career story that people don’t talk about enough, at least in my experience, is that when you’re on your own, you’re really on your own.

I agree! Do you? Go read her post -- and tell me if you agree in the comments!

Good Grades Aren't Everything

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