Why Has Buying Pet Food Become More Expensive Than People Food?

First, let me say this: I am sentimental about my pets. I refer to them as my "babies," talk baby talk to them, play with them when I should be cleaning the house and spend purr and pet time with them when I should be writing. 

However, recently my cat Bob became sick. After a $200 visit to the vet, my six-month old "baby cat" was found to have a urinary tract infection. And thus came the "it costs how much?!" cat food frustration.

 I consulted other cat parents and was told this is normal. Many of them routinely have cat food bills that total as much - or more - than their people food bills. 

So what do I do? Feed Bob grocery store cat food and hope for the best? 

Now I understand those Craigslist ads where owners are seeking new homes for their pets because they can't afford their bills. 

Buying organic versus regular food, non-GMO versus grocery food, food with added sugar  have all become political acts. But cat food?


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