Why have we accepted being boring?

Lil' sister - the "older" you get and the more you take on it becomes SO easy to lose your spontaneity, and general spark for things that don't lead to a nice fluffy couch or glass (bottle) of wine at the end of the day. I say BLAH to that!

The truth is we make constant commitments to "getting together", "trying something new" or "meeting after work." Whether it's hitting a new bar with our boy or yummy restaurants with friends nothing ever seems to materialize. We maintain status quo. We continue to float through our very own lives as lazy spectators and not active participants. Whether we’re too tired, worked too hard, don’t want to drive too far, or just all out flake – we always manage to find an excuse.
Always. And never a really good or valid excuse, just a wack reason to opt-out because it just might be too much effort. Yes, parking can suck, crowds can get annoying and sometimes we are too tired after a long day, but that’s when we must remind ourselves of how freaking important it is to NOT become complacent.

First of all, sitting on the couch over doing anything else is just all out lame (I'm an offender for sure!). But moreover we're wasting precious moments that we'll never get back.
Sister, this is not a cheesy motivational story penned to get you to seize life; this is just a matter of fact. Don't be freaking boring.

At this point in our lives, we should be working hard, enjoying people and generally making a name for ourselves, not sinking into the couch and disappearing into the suburbs.  Most of us can be huge flakes (let's say "over committers"). We’ll say "yes" to things, but odds are send a text mere moments before with some crazy story about why we can't make it, opting to do anything else that requires less energy (I’m so blowing my cover). Again I say to this - Blah!

Why do we do this? What's the point of committing in the first place? I'm making a resolution (as I write this - ha!) to just stop saying “yes” when I don't mean it. It might result in some serious heckling from friends, but in the long run you won't look like a jerk. More importantly, I’m actually going to start saying “yes”...and mean it (*gasp*)!

It's just not that hard lil' sis! You're young, smart and a star - so act as such.  Don't waste all your free time on things you would be embarrassed to tell people about (e.g. reality shows, laying on the couch, eating an entire bag of sweet innocent circus cookies as they unknowingly march to their sprinkled doom). Make the commitment to enjoy your life (ah! cheesy, I'm very aware!). Truth is - someday we won't be able to and it will all be a distant memory (I'm talking PTA's, board meetings, doctor's appointments, husbands and mini vans ladies....kidding about the mini van!!).

Here and now, this is my commitment lil' sis - let's stop "saying no" all the time. Let's see what the world looks like after 5pm, word on the street is that restaurants are open on the weekdays? Crazy right?

Big Sis


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