Why I became an Atheist. Part2

The next part of my decision, to become an Atheist, isn't easy to put into words. It was a slow process.

My daughter has a degree in anthropoogy and religion. She and I talked many times about other choices for me. She was aware that my thoughts towards Christainity had become quite hostile.  With her guidance, I continued my search. There had to be something for me to believe in.

During these same years, while watching many documenteries on cable, my husband would point to discrepancies between documented history and biblical history.  I started, for the first time, putting some thought into these matters. Previously, I'd never had any independent thoughts or questions about religion, other then knowing I could no longer follow what I had been taught. I realized that I hadn't been taught to think, only to follow along and do what was "right".

Out of curiosity I started looking into Atheism and began reading books by current day Atheist. One of my favorites is The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins. The more I learned about things that were misreprensented, distorted and similar to other religions, the easier it was to question the validity of any one of them.

In my opinion, most people would turn away from religion if they were exposed to the history of how today's version of the Bible came to be.  But many, particularly envangelicals, respond when presented with thought provoking questions is, "If its in the Bible, then its true." end of discussion.

So for these reasons, I became an Atheist.


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