Why I Blog as *Bleep*

I have a legit reason for blogging as *bleep*. To make a very long story short, my hubby is in the military. The hubby is fairly important in the grand scheme of things. As The Important Dude’s wife, I tend to have military wifely responsibilities that inhibit me from saying everything I want to say. I also work for the Department of Defense. Again, not the most open forum for running your mouth.

I had a blog. It was a lovely blog with a growing following. I loved my blog and was passionate about it from the moment I started. However, the more real life peeps found out about my blog, the more I felt I needed to “filter” what I said because of our lifestyle. After four years of censorship, I walked away.

I’m starting over here, as *bleep*, so that I can say whatever I want without worrying about losing my job or embarrassing my husband. Is it hard to start over? Yes. Is it hard not to share my new successes with my friends and family? It’s crippling, actually, and lonely. But, I’m choosing this path so that I *can* be honest, so that I *can* be me. What I write here on *Bleeping* Amazing is a true reflection of myself. Sometimes it’s naughty, sometimes it’s thought-provoking, sometimes it’s politically incorrect. You’re seeing what only my closest friends and my hubby sees. Aren’t YOU lucky? Thanks for hearing me.

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