Why I Don't Go to McD's in my PJs

I tweeted a couple of weeks ago that I almost went to McDonald’s in my pjs. Someone tweeted back: drive thru.

Trust me when I saw that drive thru is my favorite way to get food. As a confirmed hermit it cuts down on the number of people I have to talk to. (Grin). I tweeted back a :-) because I couldn’t condense my issue enough for a Tweet. I wasn’t sure I even knew what my issue is. So I’ve been mulling it.

When I was young and almost everything embarrassed me, it was trauma time to be outside the house without makeup and clothes that matched. I remember a particularly hectic morning resulted in me going to work with NO makeup on. I wanted to die. I laugh now, because I probably looked the best I was ever going to look without makeup. Now that I’m older and beat up, I have no problem going out without makeup. I still get dressed though.

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