The Challenges of a Large Family Don't Outweigh the Joys

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The last big one, for me, is energy. In the long run, there's not a huge difference. But in the beginning, when you bring that new baby home... well, that part sucks. Because as fabulous and yummy-smelling and adorably chunky as a new baby is, there is a serious lack of sleep in the beginning. (Spoiler alert-shocking, I know.) And if your partner is back at work after a few days (as mine has always been), it's doubly hard. That's all fine and good, because you went through it once before and survived just fine, right? Right. Except that now you need to have the energy for a toddler as well. One who will be outgrowing naps and needing lots of extra attention in order to feel secure, with the arrival of the new baby. Again, though, the tough adjustment period doesn't last very long.

I am not writing this to discourage you -- honestly, I'm not. I think that having kids is the most wonderful experience in the world. In fact, if I were able to afford it, I'd have several more! But I'm me. And you're you. I can't tell you what would be right for you because only you know that. What I can tell you is that I'm an A-type to the extreme, very organized and very high-energy. Seriously, I'm like the energizer bunny on crack. While I embrace the chaos and wouldn't change it for anything in the world, there are days when it's very, very hard. Last Monday is a prime example of that.

I can tell you that yes, while there is MUCH more laundry and cleaning the more children you have, it's just so fun... all of it. Each child is so different, so wonderful, so talented in a different way -- they constantly amaze me. Some days my heart is so full of love I feel as though it will burst. And that? THAT makes everything else pale in comparison. Because when I sit down in the rocking chair at night and 3 such distinct little people, who all reflect different aspects of Ian or myself, climb onto my lap and snuggle up against me for stories...well, it just doesn't get any better than that.

**For the record, we are very grateful for the gifts people lavish upon our children. We just weren't prepared for the magnitude of your generosity.


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