Why I Humidify

Every night after we turn off the lights to (finally) go to bed, I tiptoe across the hall and open the doors to the boys’ rooms. With their doors open, I can hear the soft hum of their humidifiers in the background, and that’s the sound that I hear as I fall asleep every night. Each boy has a humidifier, and I run both of them every night without fail. Here’s why

The first reason is perhaps the most obvious: it helps with their congestion. Both boys – especially my oldest (three-and-a-half) – seem to get congested quite a bit, which leads to a cough, and I feel like running the humidifier helps to alleviate some of that.

The second reason is because they are wonderful white noise makers. And they’re loud, which is by design. Before I bought them, I looked for reviews that complained about models that were “too loud,” and those are precisely the ones that I bought.

I needed loud ones because the boys’ rooms are right down the hall from our living room, where the TV is located. After they go to bed, my husband gets to unwind by either gaming with friends online or watching tv/movies, both of which always seem to involve machine guns, explosions, etc. The humidifiers help to drown out some of that noise.

The third and final reason is because I have to fill up the reservoir every night. This is actually something that I don’t enjoy doing. Every night, I sneak into their rooms, I take the reservoir out, I go down the hall and I fill it up in the bathtub. Then I go back into their rooms, and I get down on my hands and knees in order to affix the reservoir back onto the humidifiers, which rest on the floor.

But while I’m there on my knees in the darkness dealing with the humidifiers, I often scoot over a couple of feet to look at the boys while they sleep nearby. The oldest one typically lies on his back with his arms outstretched, his favorite blankie about his middle. Once again, I can’t help but think that he is beautiful. Then there is my littlest one (17 months), lying there in his sleep sack, looking so little and so innocent. He often sleeps on his back with his little hands by his face, and I look at him, trying to memorize exactly how he appears in that moment.

And as I sit there on my knees, peering at my baby through the bars of his crib or at my three-year-old in his bed, I am often filled with wonder and with gratefulness. And sometimes, I can’t help but be filled with awe too, to think that God has blessed me with the two things that I’ve always wanted the most. And in those moments, since I’m already on my knees anyway, I often find myself offering up a prayer of thankfulness to God. At those times, my heart is full, and the words come easily, and everything is quiet. Except for the humidifiers, which hum in the background – two unlikely instigators for much needed prayer.

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