Why I love 9-11.

I haven’t watched TV all week. I have flipped the channel every single time any 9-11 coverage has come on. It isn’t to shield my kids from the terror. It isn’t because I’m not patriotic. It isn’t because I don’t want to remember.

(Well, okay, maybe it’s a little that I don’t want to remember.)

I haven’t watched TV, particularly this year, because I spent the past 10 years staring at the TV and crying for several days prior to the anniversary of the attacks. Always, around September 9th, I get this feeling: a feeling that I’m sure I’m not alone in having. My heart feels heavy. I’m subdued and I’m down. My brain starts going down that endless chute of “Why?” questions. “Why did that have to happen?” “Why are so many people left with so much grief?” Why?

For 10 years, that’s how it has been and every single year, it has crept up on me and taken me by surprise. This year, I was prepared. This year, I allowed myself to feel sad for everything surrounding 9-11 for all of two hours. Then, I decided no more.

This year, I wanted to surround myself with my people. I wanted to laugh and drink and be silly. Our friends offered their house for the evening and I invited a handful of my favorite people. We had a blast.

Here is the photographic evidence: [more...]