Why I Love The Game Of Football...

It's been awhile since I wrote a blog. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because between trying to enjoy another beautiful summer and moving across the country, I've been a bit busy.  However, with the new season upon us, I thought I’d take some time to answer a question I hear often.

Why do I love football?

After much thought, I've come to realize that this is not an easy question to answer. I mean I practically grew up at Wrigley Field and I've loved the Cubs, and been pained by the Cubs, my entire life. I do love them, but not the way I love football. I went to one of the best basketball schools in the country - Indiana University (GO HOOSIERS!) - and March Madness is a great time of year. Although I love my almamateur, and adore IU basketball, I don't have the passion for it, the way I do for football. Why?

I'm not sure I came up with one definitive statement, but here is why I think I love the game:

1. STRATEGY: When I became an attorney, people asked me what I loved about it. I always told them that I loved the strategy. Law was like a giant chess game and the best strategist wins. Football is very similar. The goal is always the same, but getting there is different. In baseball you hit the ball. In basketball you shoot a basket. In football you can pass, run, even kick ala Doug Flutie. The other side never knows what to expect, and trying to guess what a team will do is part of the excitement. It's a relatively peaceful game of war with the best strategists conquering their enemy.

2. TEAMWORK: Unless you're an author or some other lone professional, it's likely you've worked on a team during your employment. Actors have sets, attorneys have firms and marketing execs have support staff. In every instance, we're all tasked with working cohesively together to accomplish a specific goal. In that way, we relate to a football team on the field. It's much larger than baseball and basketball, and therefore more volatile. Watching a well-oiled machine out guess and out play their opponent is amazing. Then again, watching dysfunction junction have a meltdown can be fun too...as long as it's not your team.

3. ATHLETICISM: I think almost everyone has played a sport at one time or another. Whether you were great, or just mediocre, I think we all appreciate the discipline and drive it takes to be a super star athlete. Watching Walter Payton or Gayle Sayers run was like watching magic happen in front of your eyes. Seeing Jerry Rice catch a high pass over the middle, between defenders, at the back of the end zone awed us all. It's their athleticism that makes them great and brings the fans back every week, just to see what they'll do next.

Well, I'm not sure that's necessarily a complete list of the reasons I like the game. I do know that those are my top three reasons. Let's face it, it's hard to articulate the reason you like anything. Why do I love impressionist art? Why do I prefer the ballet to the opera? Why do I love to read true stories and nonfiction instead of fiction? The most honest answer is I don't know. At least here, I tried to really figure it out.

So I ask you...Why do you love football? Let me know...


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