Why I Love Herbal Cleanses

CLEANSING.  Call me crazy if you wish (and indeed, you would not be the first!), but I LOVE cleansing.  This could be in part due to the fact that after my first year of dance college, I went to see a herbalist because after years and years of skin breakouts, bloating, and just general not-feeling-goodness, doctors and conventional medicine simply were not doing the healing trick.  Intuitively I knew that something deeper needed to be addressed.  I had already done quite a bit of self study on herbals and ‘alternative medicine’ at this point, and the herbalist told me that he was very pleased to be helping someone that actually wanted to help themselves.  He admitted to me that a good majority of his clients (this was nearly two decades ago, mind) did not see the results that they could have seen, simply because they would not – or could not – stick with the prescribed regimen.  I had the chance to see this for myself when I brought a friend in to see him one day – her candida readings were off the charts, and he informed her about the dietary changes she would need to make in order to see results for herself, along with the herbals he would recommend to her.  Though she said outright that this was a ‘diet’ she absolutely could not follow (due to costs), I could also sense the fear that she held – the fear around such a drastic change to her eating routine.

The regimen that my herbalist put me on consisted of three weeks looking like this:

  • Eliminate dairy, wheat/gluten
  • Eliminate sugar and alcohol
  • Supplements of garlic capsules
  • Supplements of acidophilus capsules
  • Supplements of vitamin B complex tablets
  • Supplements of caprylic acid tablets
  • Dry skin brushing/loofah at the locations of outer upper thighs and the back of the shoulders (for lymph)

After the three weeks were over, and I went back to see him, he could not believe the change.  My skin was completely cleared up and glowing, and it was entirely visible how much more vitality and overall joy I was experiencing.  My sleep was amazing, I always seemed to get the perfect amount and was always refreshed upon waking.  The results and shifts of this experience have stayed with me all of these years.  Especially since having children, I have fallen off the cart at times since I found that food is made ‘on demand’, especially in the early years of child rearing.  I have always performed a seasonal detox (this is my very favorite book right here) as each seasonal shift is felt quite internally.

Sometimes though, I simply feel the need for a a gentle herbal cleanse… and over the years I have discovered that for me personally, herbal detoxes are definitely the way to go.  They are gentle (although if you have never cleansed or if it’s been a long while since you have, the first few days – to a week – may feel a bit rough … welcome this though, you will feel completely renewed at the end!), and can tune you gently back in to yourown natural rhythms.  By this, what I mean is that every single person requires different foods for optimum health and performance, different supplements due to very individual deficiencies, and different food temperaments according to their constitution (ie: some people function much better on an Ayurvedic style of food regimen while others respond wonderfully to raw foods and juices).

Yesterday I started with the Flora 7-Day Cleanse.  I am absolutely loving it.  The intention of this cleanse kit is to stimulate and cleanse the liver and kidneys, two of the most important organ systems for keeping your system running clean and functional.  This is one of those things where you start to cleanse onesystem , then the other bodily systems also begin to wake up into action.  It is Day 2 for me, and I can already feel my lungs very gently beginning to go to work on clearing themselves.  Over the holiday season, I had a terrible bout of pneumonia, and I did end up going for antibiotics which took care of most of it.  However as I am sure anyone who has had pneumonia can attest, it seems to takeforever for your lungs to truly feel back to normal.  This cleanse is helping my lungs along, and helping clean my blood system of the negative effects of the antibiotic (these reallyslow everything down, though they are brilliant at dealing with the issue at hand).

There is also a lovely tea included in this cleanse, to be taken three times per day.  Upon doing some research online, I discovered that this tea (and the herbal blends included with this cleanse kit) are based upon a traditional Ojibwa recipe.  I smiled with glee when I read this, as the native portion of my Metis lineage stems from Cree and Ojibwa tribes!  Here is more information about the tea from the Flora website:

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