Why I love Key & Peele

One of my favorite shows on TV is Comedy Central’s Key & Peele. The stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, both Fox’s MADtv alum, are indisputably talented writers and performers –from Obama’s Anger Translator Luther to their LMFAO parody of two party guys that just want to go home, they consistently nail the essence of the ridiculousness of modern American life.

Why I love the show, however, is not for the obvious reason of their almost perfect pitch, well-ended sketches (which SNL rarely achieves), but that they explain the genesis of the bit. It’s awe-inspiring to be taken on the journey of their creative process and then get a peek at their method through their expert facilitation.

Another thing that seems to work for Key & Peele is that technology allows them, with the modest budget of Comedy Central compared to major networks, to digitally film stuff with special effects that would have less impact is limited to the stage.

One of my 8 year old daughter’s favorite sketch is about a the couple that “fights in public” – (and no, it’s not because my husband and I do that). Check it out below and don’t judge me because of the profanity, it’s just funny.


Though they are not returning with new episodes until Fall of 2013, Tivo this past season of Key & Peele on Comedy Central or catch some clips on YouTube. You’ll be hooked like me.

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