Why I love religious people without being religious

There are a lot of different opinions about religions and how they affect people. Opinions that may or may not be biased (but probably are, since everyone experiences some level of religious affectations in their daily lives). Opinions that may or may not cause hateful words, or loving words. Sharing or isolating.

It is certainly a divisive topic.

Personally, I am not religious. I would probably classify myself as spiritual (spiritual agnostic is my favourite term). That being said, I certainly have a positive place in my heart for religious individuals.

There is nothing like speaking to someone who loves their religion passionately. To put your faith so deeply into something that can never be scientifically proven is absolutely fascinating to me, and I really do think that it can be a wonderful thing.

Despite the fact that I do not follow a prescribed set of beliefs, I find the beauty in the words in religious texts. I have heard quotes from the Bible, the Torah (roughly translated), the Kuran (also roughly translated), as well as read quotes from prominent members (such as priests and rabbis) of their respective religion.

And through all this learning and processing, I have come to a conclusion.

The purpose of religion, from my non-religious perspective, is to teach people (children and adults alike) how to treat one another and how to live a positive, productive, and enjoyable life.

Who can argue with that?




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