Why I Love Teaching Teens

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People often ask me if I’d ever consider giving up teaching and just write for a living. I’ve thought about it, however, my reply is always, no. I love teaching. For one, it gives me a lot of fodder for my writing.

Student: You know that guy from the show Who Wants to Date My Son?…my driving instructor touched him.
Me: Touched him?
Student: Yeah touched him?
Me: How?
Student: In a car.
Just to show you how insensitive I am, I started laughing, “WHAT!?”
What’s so funny? He touched him. You know teach, touch, touch. 
She meant taught.  Oh ESL errors. Never gets old:)

Me: How do you save energy at home?
Student: I don’t use electricity at night.
Me: So what, you use candles?
Student: No, I go out. (Then in the sincerest of tones) I live in an apartment with other students so every night we go out.
Me: You go out drinking every night just to save electricity. Wow that’s great. Your mother must be very proud.

Student: You’re so New York?
Me:  Have you been?
Student: No, but I watch a lot of NY Series.


Me: If you could write a book, what would it be about? Mystery, sci-fi, relationships…?
Student: (Scoffs) Who writes about relationships?
Me: Hmm… Just about every writer and song writer known to mankind. Oh, and me…

How could I ever stop teaching?

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