10 Things Teens Do Better Than Anyone Else

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2. Ding And Dent Automobiles: If, thank God, you manage to get out of the teen years with nothing worse than a few dents and dings, be eternally grateful. However, it is amazing how little attention they pay to minor accidents. I can't tell you how many times I asked a kid, "hey, what's up with the scratch in the door?" and was met with, "oh, yeah, I hit Tommy's mailbox the other day." Frighteningly, I knew I'd never hear from Tommy's parents about fixing any mailbox because they have no idea it's been hit by my kid. Or, I would ask innocently,"How did the side panel get smashed up?" and be answered with, "Katie backed into me the other day when we were all driving to the beach." There is never any consideration given to either telling me about the incident or getting anything fixed. How nice is that?

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