Why I Love Yoga

I took my first yoga class as a graduate student in 2005 and continued to practice haphazardly in the following years. Two months ago I began to practice on a regular basis. Going to 3 or 4 classes a week and practicing at home with a dvd. Over the past two months I've felt myself get stronger and my knowledge of poses has increased. I'm am now practicing almost 6 days a week, 4 times in a class and 2 days at home.

I have come to love yoga.

I love the way the heat rises slowly in my body as I begin my practice. I am aware of the rising heat in a way that I am not when I run. I love that focusing on my breath as I move towards the poses keeps me present and aware. I love that I am learning to listen and respect where my body is at that moment. Some days I flow into poses with ease and other days I need to respect my limitations. I love that there is no (or very little) judgement in yoga classes. It is not competitive. I love that I can choose from different types depending on how I feel. Some days I may prefer vinyasa flow, while others a gentle or restorative class is the right decision.

But the reason I really love yoga is that it is a constant reminder to be present and thankful. At the end of each class I am thankful for my imperfect body and what it can do. I am thankful that yoga teaches me how to be present. I am thankful for all the gifts I have in this life. At a time when it is easy to focus on everyday struggles, yoga teaches me gratitude and for that I love it.

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