Why I Need A Job Real Bad


Currently, I am struggling for employment. I am "keeping (my) chin up", pushing forward, faking it 'till I make it, and all that; but this morning made me realize just how bad it's gotten. 

Forget that I can't pay bills, have very little food, could lose my home, and other important things.....THIS is what's scary. This morning, I wrote down the things that went through my head as I was standing in my kitchen eating my popcorn, jello, and peanut butter brunch.

No joke. I am embarrassed that this is what my intellectual self has become. I was shaking my head each time I went back to the list and wrote something down. Here's why:

*When you make popcorn balls, what holds them together?

*How many seasons was Dallas on anyway?

*Are the Captain and Tennille still married? I think they are.

It's just worse from there on.

Anyone want to hire a 12 year high school drama/music teacher, two-time cancer survivor, who teaches and coaches comedy improvisation, and facilitates and speaks on generational issues?

And by the way, the answers are:

*Butter, powered sugar, corn syrup, and marshmallows

*14 seasons

*Yes, they are.



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