Why I Quit Crack (Berry)....

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Check it in the morning, first thing after I wake, because I no longer have an alarm clock because I have my phone. 

Check it for the time, because what the heck is a watch anymore?

Carry it with me all day... "for emergency"

Incoming call.

Incoming text.

Outgoing energy.

More energy.....

Takin the wrong way, energy to fix the way I "meant" to say it...

Close to $100 a month?

Texting, texting, texting...because I hate talking.

Talking after texting went wrong.

Login to facebook because I can.

Status update.

OMG why did that &^%$# say that about me.

All in my head, drama as I am in Walmart?

Texting, texting. LOL, LMAO, OMG, WTF?

Status update. Drama...

Oh I look good, let me take a pic with my phone and upload it to the web.

Holy crap wth, let me blog about it.

Why is this chick buggin me?

Texting, texting, texting....

Email, Email, Emailing....

When all of it started out as a phone for emergency for when I might break down and need to call for help... turned into an obesessive, addictive cycle of one trigger after the other... so I am going back to the "old" way of doing business, when I was actually able to effectively work without so many dumb distractions.

Oh wow I have a blackberry and can do everything, but heaven forbid anything "normal" present itself to me, like a person in my face while I am trying to do something "real quick" on my phone and I may turn into a psycho bitch...

Nope, done. Canceled my cell service. Selling this crack to someone else.... and I ALREADY FEEL BETTER! I quit my crackberry because that data had me baby... had me bad and I am way better than some dumb phone......


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