Why I Stopped Making Plans

Maybe it comes from all those beautiful summers as a child where both days and nights seemed endless,

but every summer since my first was born, I seem to be under some unbroken illusion that I will finally have the time to complete those projects I've been meaning to get to all year long...


You'd think I'd learn after nearly a decade, but ever the optimist within holds onto the hope that big things will happen each summer!!


What I'm really starting to realize now is that they are happening...

just not in the way I'd expected.  


Instead of a finally neat home,

                                      I find it's way messier..


Instead of cleaner kids,

                              they are definitely dirtier...


Dinner before 6:30?


                                         Try 7:30...and even 8:30 sometimes!


It would seem I'm moving away from my goals, 

but I've realized I'm closer to them than I ever was before...

Here's how:  http://wisdomgraceandchickens.blogspot.com/2014/07/let-it-go-let-it-go.html



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