Why I Stopped Taking Hairfinity Vitamins

I know the ultimate question people have about hair vitamins is, "Do they actually work?".  That was my question as well, which led me to checking out Hairfinity Vitamins
.  Now, before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I'm not about to bash Hairfinity Vitamins, nor is this any kind of product review whatsoever.  I believe in sincerely and consistently using a product for at least a month (unless it was horrible immediately) before giving any kind of written review.  With that being said, I'll cut to the chase.  Hairfinity Vitamins were not for me.
Why?  Didn't they work?  YES! YES?  Maybe?  At least I really thought they did.  I posted this pic on Instagram this past fall when I was using them:
stopped-taking-hairfinity-vitamins  HOWEVER....it took me 3 months to finish a 30 day (1 month) supply.  How is that an accurate guage on how well some hair growth vitamins actually worked?  It's not.  30 day supply means take them daily for 30 days...then post your results :)  So for me to honestly attribute all the growth I gained to Hairfinity Vitamins....I cannot.  But for me to gain the amount of growth that I did within the span of a 4 month transition from texlaxed to natural hair (via big chop), I truly do believe Hairfinity had something to do with it.   But that is my opinion alone.  No real hard scientific facts to support my theory.
 Alas, I cannot give a fair review of Hairfinity Vitamins and their potency.  I had another bottle, with which I was gonna give it another try for 30 days. About 2 months later I gave away the remaining 22 vitamins to my cousin.  Yes...you read correctly...22 vitamins....from a 30 day supply.  Apparently,  I stink at taking vitamins for hair.  Crazy thing is, I had no problem taking prenatal vitamins when I was preggers, most likely because it was for the health of my baby, not just me.  But regular daily vitamins...I totally suck at taking them.Not to mention....here's the kicker...PIMPLES.  Really?  I'm not used to a bunch of pimples all over my face.  Not cool.

After further digging all over the internet to figure out what may be causing it, I came across the biotin culprit.  Hairfinity Vitamins have a high biotin content. 2500mcg to be exact.  I had never taken biotin pills before.  My prenatal vitamins had about 300mcg of biotin and I never broke out.  But when I looked back to approximately when the breakouts occured, I tracked it to not long after I was taking Hairfinity vitamins.  Even though my vitamin popping was sporadic, them boogers were still potent enough to have me reaching for some Clearasil (or toothpaste - old school remedy).
  How do I know biotin was the culprit?  I can't scientifically pinpoint it to the biotin as I'm no doctor.  For all I know it could've been another ingredient in the vitamin.  I do know that when it came to the things I was putting into my body on a regular basis, the only change was adding Hairfinity Vitamins.  Stopped taking them and guess what?  My face started clearing up.  Sigh...  So, yeah, I don't think I need to be a scientist to figure that one out.

Then there was the whole stick-it-out-as-long-as-I-can-and-ignore-the-pimples-until-after-you-reach-your-goal-length thing.  I really was gonna try...but the fact that I couldn't even finish the second bottle, kept me from being able to justify spending $42 for another 2 month supply, or $24 for one month.  Just cannot.  They're just too expensive for me to suffer through acne in order to gain faster length.  And since I'm not 100% convinced that they truly work for increased hair growth anyway, I just don't wanna pay that kind of money for hair vitamins again.  So, although I was eyeing Manetabolism for a while...it ain't happenin'.    Everyone's body is a big ole chemistry set.  So everything you put in your body (and some things you put on it) affects your body.  Everyone's body is different and reacts differently to different things.   The only advice I can give you from this experience is to pay attention to your body and every detail about it.  It'll surely tell you if certain things are not agreeing with your personal chemistry set!
And yes, before anyone asks, as a precaution I DRANK A TON OF WATER DAILY.  In fact, some days I really thought I was gonna grow a hump and walk around wishing everybody a "happy hump-day" every Wednesday.  That's how much 'water crazy' I was.  Didn't help with the breakouts. stopped-taking-hairfinity-vitamins There may be hope for me yet though!  I recently purchased some $15.00 GNC Ultra Nourish Hair Vitamins to see how they work.  Hopefully I can be more consistent and receive not so many breakouts (or no breakouts at all would be ideal)  I am crossing my fingers that:#1. I can be consistent taking them.#2.  They don't break me out like the Hairfinity Vitamins did. The biotin content is only 1200mcg.
We shall see!  You know I will keep you posted!. Do you take or have you taken  hair vitamins?  What was your experience with them?  


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