Why I Will Lie To My Son This Christmas

Two years ago last week my daughter came home and said that all the kids say Santa doesn't exist, and asked if  we could tell her the truth. Figuring that she had "figured out the secret" and that we would rather make her "part of the secret and part of the magic", we told her the truth. Her eyes filled with tears, and when I asked her  what she had thought about Santa she said, "I thought he was real." I was crushed that we had ruined the magic before Christmas.

For her part, she DID become part of the magic. She helped keep the secret, she helped that little elf that I used to constantly berate for being lazy become a little more efficient at moving around, and she wrote her letter to Santa just like her younger brother did. She asked me periodically when I would tell HIM, but I had no answer yet.

Two years have passed, and my son is the same age as she was when she learned the truth, in the fifth grade. As a friend once advised me, "they should know before middle school so they don't get teased." So why, when the opportunity presented itself a few days ago, when a friend on the playground said his Mom and Dad "told him Santa isn't real, and that they buy all his presents," did I lie?

I've always been a promoter of telling kids the truth as much as possible. But my boy is like I was as a kid, a believer in dragons, and fairies, and hell yes, Santa Claus. I couldn't do it. I feigned surprise and said, "wow, What do you think about that?"

"I think they'll get coal in their stockings, Mom. And that's how I KNOW Santa is real, because how would you afford to buy all those presents? You couldn't!"

I could have disabused him of that notion. I could have told him that it was time for him to learn the truth. But Christmas is 16 days away, and there's just enough time for a little more magic.


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 image credit:  author

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