Why i will never go on a fad diet again

I know all good people tell you that diet is a baad way to reduce weight , one should ideally be doing it via a mix of excercise and diet control.

All good , but sometime you have to take desperate measures, i did too.

After doing a bit of research on internet about various diets, i concluded GM diet seemed the best with all rave reviews of how people went from obese to all fit. Somewhere i recalled hearing about a distant cousin who went from a astounding 110kg to 75 kg all in matter of months following this diet. Armed with all this knowledge and the fact the diet allowed you to eat as much as you want (only the prescribed things for the day) , i finally started the diet on thursday.

First day was the fruit day - no bananas though, although i was craving badly for a bit of salt , i survived.

Next day it was all vegetable day, I had a boiled veggies for breakfast and lunch and afternoon my head was a little woozy, i sent an email to client with addressing him by another clients name ..fortunately it was friday and guess people start cheering up for the weekend so it was all taken in bit of good spirit and a apology email with smiley faces controlled the damage.

Saturday - I was along at home and all I could think about was food , 3rd day is mix of fruits and vegetable. Even after having a bowl of each by mid day i had to physically drag myself out of kitchen to not to think about food. Carb craving was at all time high, a piece of bread never looked more appetising.

To stop myself from going mad fantising about food, I  thought of distracting myself by a bit of shopping.  Well wrong decision, every where you go there was food and almost all junk. McDonalds , KFC etc etc. Finally i thought if i cheat just a little may be i'll feel a whole lot better and be able to continue with next 4 days. So i bought myself smallest bag of chips and had with chilled green tea (no sugar), I felt a whole lot better and guilty too but did survive the day.

All through the last 3 days i kept taking weight all time, first time i took friday morning , i had dropped a kilo, water weight mostly but i felt great nonetheless. Next time friday late evening , i was back to my normal weight. Saturday morning i had dropped 2 kgs, by late evening again back to original. Bascially it depended on what time i was checking, and honestly i had never checked my weight so frequently in past to know if its general pattern or something 'diet' induced.


So now on Sunday, this is skimmed milk and banana day ...i had one mugfull of banana shake in the morning, by mid morning i was again going bonkers craving for carb & salt. Its when i decided to finally give up.This diet was doing crazy things to , i was never so focused on food but now i was thinking of food every waking moment, i already had one goof up on friday and i had a big meeting on monday there was no way i could concentrate with my present state of mind. So at last i cooked myself a decent dinner and finally felt satiated. In conclusion i could never ever diet again because :


1. All i could think about was food

2. I could not focus even on simple work related thing

3. Not sure about the weight loss bit  


However a good thing came out of this whole excercise, i am now looking at food more objectively removing things which are fattening and subsituting with something good. I just made myself grilled chicken with pesto sauce (i didnt add cheese , 1 teaspoon of coconut milk for creaminess) and it tasted almost as good :)  


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