Why #IChoose Scentsy

Before I joined Scentsy I was struggling working 2 jobs and practically homeless. After some mis-communication over parking tickets my husband and I decided to work on our marriage. One of the things I made clear was that I wanted to be independent and continue to work from home, but also make money from home.  The kids were in daycare and my oldest was in kindergarten at this time. I was constantly going to the school for my oldest's food allergies which were only getting worse because lack of organization and the workers cross contaminating the food. I would be hesitate to send her to school resulting in school fines.




When I joined Scentsy, my sister in law was already a consultant and she shared with me her business opportunity. I was afraid to jump on it because I was already in another direct selling business which wasn't going so well. With the encouragement and initial start up fee from my husband I joined. At first I was struggling because I was only focused on how much I can sell in one day rather then sharing Scentsy. But then I realized that my current circumstance was making me feel that I didn't have enough. Eventually our new and first house we moved into was condemn by the city and we were moved again. 

Now that we have moved into this current house and been here for a year it allowed me to focus on me and what I needed to do for my family aside from business or blog related. I took a long time away from both even allowing myself to drop out of Scentsy. With this time I learned how to better manage my daughter's food allergies and also learned that the other kids' had food allergies as well. I was able to control what they eat so I thought. I learned as my kids get older, the more they can do for themselves and I realized how sneaky they can be too. LOL It took a while for me to manage a home along with 4 kids with food allergies, but once I felt like things were looking up financially, emotionally, and spiritually I started working on changing my mindset on how I viewed money.  I had to take it old school, this post will give you the easy steps on how I achieve my goals. Going back to basics wasn't hard, but it is hard being consistent and following up with not just customers, but also with yourself. I contacted Scentsy and they gave me my old account back. I figured out what my goal would be for the remainder of the year and even though I haven't reach my goal just yet. I have gotten tons of training from the company, motivation from my business partners, 5% raise on my commissions, and I am building a bigger customer base with my blog, social media, and within my neighborhood.

Looking back to when I first started Scentsy I wasn't only struggling in my business, but I was also struggling in my life. I didn't have no discipline to follow up with my customers, the mindset that I didn't have enough money to support my family, but also myself. The lesson I learned was to never give up. To keep pushing and if you need a mental break take it because not everyone can be Supermom 24/7. I also learned how to manage my business better especially with the new Ascent Academy that offers tips, daily actions, and incentives for reaching your business goals.



You think you will get this undeniable support for your business from family and friends, but you actually don't. My husband encouraged me and gave me the $99 to join, but he refuses to help market my business. I can't be mad at him about it since I did tell him I wanted to be independent and make my own money. But I was failing to see that he was supporting me in my desires and boundaries. He was giving me what I needed and wanted to grow and evolve into my own person.

Looking back to where it all begin 8 years ago made me appreciate all the trials and struggles. Not that it made me the person I am today because I choose to be this person. BUT for making me see that failing, being consistent and never giving up is what success is all about. It's not about the money you make or how many customers you have, but its about the Thank yous and the victories after you tried and tried again.


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