Why I'm A Failure, Kind Of, But Not Really

I’m a failure, my first blog challenge and I blew it. I missed a day of posting for NaBloPoMo (it was Thursday in case you hadn’t noticed). I was doing freaking awesome, I had stuff written days in advance and scheduled to post. I kept myself going even when I lost my faithful companion of 11 years (my dog Ozzy). Actually blogging helped because I had something to focus on rather than dwell on my loss. I managed to schedule in daily writing time between my “real” job, family time, and other obligations. I mean I had it down sister! Then it happened, I got the flu. I was in bed whining about how I was certain I was on the brink of death for two days, and it all came crashing down. Apparently I had not accounted for this unexpected obstacle and not planned far enough ahead to stay on track. So I’m kind of sad and defeated… I had really high hopes for this little challenge, but I’ve learned something from it too.

Easy reading is damn hard writing. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Writing every single day is damn hard people! I knew when I signed up that while fun, NaBloPoMo wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. That is why it’s called a “challenge” after all right? I mean coming up with something new to write about every day isn’t all that hard, I have lists upon lists of “ideas” to write about. What’s hard is taking those ideas, or the daily prompts, and turning them into a well thought out, interesting, post that people actually want to read and doing that every, single, day. I’ve realized that coming up with content is relatively easy, good content though, takes time. Good content with good images, well, we’ve got quite the little project on our hand now don’t we?


I’ve learned that blogging every day is definitely a full time job and not to be taken lightly. At least, not if you’re serious about having a successful blog. And writing something every single day that’s interesting and people actually want to read, that takes talent. Props to those who do it all the time (I’m giving you an A+ on your organization and time management skills.)


Am I giving up you ask? No, of course not; I’m going to keep posting for the rest of the month and if I only miss one day out of 30, well for me that’s a win. The way I see it, if I take something positive or learn something from the NaBloPoMo challenge, even if I didn’t quite complete the actual challenge, it’s still a win, and it was worth it to try. So that’s why I’m a failure, kind of, but not really.

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