Why I'm Giving Up Caffeine

As I outlined in our detox plans, Kristen and I cut out all caffeine (among other things) from our diet on Monday. This is something we've never done before. As daily morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee drinkers for the better part of the last decade, it never dawned on us to stop consuming caffeine. Between our recent sleep schedule (crap) and the fact that all substances tend to wreak havoc on my body, we finally decided to do some research about the effects of caffeine. I sure do love my coffee, but I also hate feeling dependent on it.

Among the many articles we read, this one stood out as the most comprehensive and user-friendly (i.e. not too science-y). I won't rehash it because the original author does an impressive job. But here are some of the things that really stuck out to me:
"The caffeine in coffee increases...your stress hormones. The stress response elicits cortisol and increases insulin. Insulin increases inflammation, and this makes you feel lousy."
"Habituation to caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity, making it difficult for your cells to respond appropriately to blood sugar. High blood sugar levels lead to arterial deterioration and increased risk of mortality related to cardiovascular disease."
"The acidity of coffee is associated with digestive discomfort, indigestion, heart burn, GERD, and...imbalances in your gut flora."
"Addiction is often an issue with coffee drinkers and makes it really difficult to rely on the body's natural source of energy. Ask any coffee drinker about how it feels to withdraw from coffee, and you will mistake their story for that of a drug addict's."
As someone with a history of gastrointestinal issues and a family tree rampant with diabetes, this really made me reconsider my daily coffee habit. I'm not sure I'd ever give up coffee completely, but I'm definitely interested in cutting caffeine out of my diet.

We agreed we'd give it one month and then reassess at the end to see how we feel. At this point we're six days in and it has admittedly been a rough six days. Kristen claims we'll feel better once we're detoxed of caffeine and our bodies adjust....I'm not sure I believe her.

Yes, Oprah, I'm skeptical as well.

Wish us luck.

Do you drink caffeine? Have you ever given it up for a period of time? How did you feel?

DAY #2:
I'm thankful for my wife, who is my bestest friend and supports me through thick and thin!


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