Why I'm Going To BlogHer

(Originally published on my own blog, July 11, 2008, but it definitely still applies. I can't wait to see all of my old AND new friends in Chicago this summer. 3 months and counting!)

I've been reading a lot lately about going to BlogHer, or not going to BlogHer. That is the question.

Ha! My degree at work, y'all!
I thought that I would weigh in on the issue at hand. There is a bunch
of articles/posts that I could link to, and all would be worthwhile
reads, but I've had a couple glasses of wine and that would be too much
About a
year ago I was a newbie to reading blogs and all of a sudden they
started talking about this THING in Chicago, a bunch of women bloggers
getting together to talk about all things BLOG. I wasn't even a blogger
yet and I envied the fact that they could go to a really cool city,
hang out with other moms, have a drink or two, and maybe learn a few
things in the process. I truly envied these women getting to get out of
the house for a few days, (those that took their kids I was worried
about. JK!)
When I started blogging and
getting comments I was really jealous (in a good way), because I see
this conference as a way to build the community. We all blog with our
own voice and with our own experience, but as women the building of
community is what we're good at. We were made by God to be
communicators, nurturers. (I won't get into the biblical aspect here or
now, this one is about BlogHer, not my religious beliefs.)
you're a political-mommy blogger, artsy-mommy blogger, childless-mommy
blogger, or any of the other thousands of titles that someone has given
us, isn't it about community? We all seem to love to write, love to
have our voices heard. All of us love comments-it validates what we
have written, it proves that someone is listening. 
I'm going to BlogHer to widen my community.
don't presume to have all the answers. Lord knows I don't have the
traffic. But I have found a community that I wish to belong to. I
contribute to that community, and I'm going to San Fransisco to learn
more about that community. I want to learn how to be a better writer,
better blogger, better community member.
have started the talk of the 'cool kids' and thinking that they will
feel left out, or not even going because they don't want to have that
feeling. Ya know what? I'm so far from caring. 
Well, let me clarify. 
it would be nice to know that some of the bigger bloggers know who I
am. Sure, I would love to hear, "Headless Mom? I love your blog!" But
really? I've only been at this about 8 months and unless they've
noticed my name (it is kinda 'noticable', don't you think?) they
probably haven't read my blog. I get that. I don't care that 'they'
haven't read my blog. I care that YOU read my blog. I care that YOU
like what I write. I care that YOU comment. I love getting new readers,
I won't lie. I look at my stats. But I'm fooling myself if I think that
Guy Kawasaki is going to come
calling. I write one of the eleventy-billion blogs written by women,
and I just want to be better at what I do.
Plain and simple.
not knocking the big bloggers, don't get me wrong. When people have
been a part of a community for a long time they have established
friendships. That's how it should be and I don't expect to be a part of
that immediately, or at all, and not in the 'if they don't want to be
friends with me then screw them" kind of way. I can't wait to meet my
friends-a couple of them are 'big', a couple of them are AllMediocre, and others are just like me. Women (and a dad or two), just trying to make connections in this big world of ours. 
  (And what's up with the formatting? Oh yeah. I don't know how to do/fix that stuff. Maybe I'll be in a Geek Lab for that!)


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