Why I'm a Mac

Yes, I'm an Apple fan girl. But I wasn't always one. Before OS X, Apple's Unix-based Operating System, I was a hardcore PC. I could track down missing dlls, edit the OS registry files, install and configure firewall and virus software, and format, partition, and reinstall the Windows Operating System lickity split. Then one day while I was trying to remove spyware from my system I realized that I was a busy person and didn't have time to dink around with this stuff anymore. I was a college student at the time and I also worked full time. I had a final paper due and I just wanted to focus on that.  Instead, I found myself taking too much time managing viruses and spyware software so as not to harm my other programs or block ports my other programs needed to operate. My PC became a source of stress.

It just so happens that the company that I worked for at the time offered to replace my PC laptop with an Apple laptop if I so desired. I took the plunge. I was ready. Even if it did mean a learning curve while maintaining my work productivity!

Apple laptop

Since then, I've discovered a much deeper connection with Mac.  Apple products are beautiful. They're well engineered for how humans think, act, work, play, and live.  If you think this is a trivial reason to choose a computer, think again.  I believe that what computer I use is a reflection on who I am.  To me, a PC represents the cog in the wheel mentality, the cranking out sausage thinking like a factory worker on an assembly line. To me, Apple represents creativity, independent thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and grace. I don't know about you, but I'm a creative professional with a heck of a lot more to offer my employer than 'cranking out sausage', and my computer reflects that about me. 


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